Day 7 Travel Diary: Return of the Kimcheese




Kimcheese: The delicious and surprisingly foreign burger in a small burger joint in London

The seventh day in London was relatively quiet. It began like any other, with me eating a chocolate croissant with berry sauce, and then we went on our way back towards the Globe.


There we did a Twelfth Night workshop which helped me learn new methods to understand Shakespeare a bit better. We did exercises that involved digging into the goal of the characters lines, which in turn helped understand the characters and if they are more or less self-centered. We then watched a sword fighting demo which was really interesting to me because I learned that on stage sword fighting, at least at the Globe theater, is less about knowing how to convincingly execute stage fighting choreography and more about actually knowing how to sword fight. This is actually the opposite of what I had initially thought. The demo actually made me want to learn how to sword fight, or at least learn the basics.


After the workshop we had an early dinner at the restaurant we went to on the second day: Byron Burger. Once again, I had the amazing Kimcheese burger, sticking not only to my love for consistent orders but also my love for Korea. We then went back to the hotel where I slept for basically the rest of the night after having a cup of tea and watching an episode of our show.




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