Day 6 Travel Diary: Sixth Night



On the sixth day in England, we traveled back to London. Unfortunately, Kimmy and I woke up late due to sleeping through our alarms so I had to skip breakfast. Luckily, there was still food in the breakfast room of our London hotel when we got there.

We spent some time in the Piccadilly Circus and went shopping for a bit. I didn’t buy anything, but I did visit the Nickelodeon store and a few tourist booths. I was surprised that Piccadilly was almost as touristy as New York’s Times Square.

Before going to the Globe theater we stopped and had pizza. Adding to the recurring theme of eating the same thing many times, this was the fourth time I had Margherita Pizza on the trip alone. It was surprising how many restaurants in England had pizza. I expected there to be less pizza in England than in the States, however it seemed as though there was more.

After dinner we went to see the Shakespeare show I was most excited for: Twelfth Night. The show has always been my favorite, as I adore love stories, especially ones as hilariously confusing as this. This production took a whole new take on the show that I never expected them to take. With the insanely modern adaptation, I had no clue what to think of it. However, I ended up loving it the whole way through. My one problem, however, was that the Fool took on the role of a narrator rather than an actual character in the world. This removed a few of my favorite lines from the play, such as his interaction with Cesario about “living by the church.” Other than that, I truly enjoyed the show and would go to see it again.


DAy 6 travel diary.jpg

This photo perfectly sums up the performance of Twelfth Night that we saw: a hugely historical theater showcasing something as modern and magnificent as neon lights. I began to understand what I was in for when I saw the word “LOVE” written on the side of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater in neon lights.


DAy 6 travel 2.jpg

It was even more interesting to see it at night, with the words fully lit up.




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