Day 5 Travel Diary: Intermission



day 5 travel.jpg

This photo shows how beautifully peaceful the city of Stratford upon Avon is. It’s been a while since I’ve truly relaxed as much as I was able to in Stratford. Something about the amount of greenery in the city made me feel much more at peace.

On the Sunday we spent in Stratford, we took a chill day where we had nothing planned. I slept in for a while, waking up briefly to go downstairs for breakfast, then decided to go out on the town with my roommate Kimmy.


There was a beautiful market on the street, so before lunch I went shopping. First we went there, then we stopped in the RSC gift shop, where I bought more than I thought I would. I realized just how much I love Shakespeare while in line when I was holding multiple books and a few pins for my backpack.


We then walked back to the Food of Love for the second time. I had the same strawberry crepe I had the day before. Through this trip, I learned something about myself: I am willing to step outside my comfort zone, as long as I have something constant to cling to. In this case, and in the case of breakfast, I tend to want to have the same food every day, only varying when it comes to dinner.


Kimmy and I then walked around the town for a while before stopping to get myself a ticket to The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged, a show at a small theater called The Attic. I went to see it with Daniel. The show was hilarious, and something I feel like everyone else in the group should have gone to see.


We then went back to the Pen and Parchment Pub for the second time where I decided to get something light since I had just eaten only an hour before. For this reason, I ordered some soup. This was a bad idea. The soup was utterly flavorless, yet was still spicy. It felt like just a bowl of thick orange water. Needless to say, I would not order it again.

There really wasn’t much to write about on Sunday, as it was sort of our “intermission.” I spent most of the day simply trying to soak in the city, either by relaxing or walking around.


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