Day 3 Travel Diary: Caesar Must Die


After waking up on the third day we traveled a couple of hours away to the smaller city of Stratford, where we would be staying for a few days. The city was absolutely gorgeous, and so was the hotel. The peaceful quiet of Stratford was an incredible contrast to the busy city of London.

The first day we spent in Stratford was incredibly warm and sunny. For this reason, I spent much of our lunch break sitting in park and reading, and simply taking in the peaceful atmosphere. Being without my phone in London made me feel sort of lost, however, the experience without my phone in Stratford almost made me glad I had lost it. While many people in the park were sitting on their phones, I was able to take in the warm air underneath a huge tree while reading a book and listening to the chirps of birds. This is one thing that made the city feel very special to me; for our group staying at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, the center of the city to us was that gorgeous park that connected to the huge RSC theater.

After relaxing for a while, our group did a Julius Caesar workshop in the RSC learning center. Through many activities that used the text, I was able to learn more about the play and the different characters in the play. I can see myself using these activities in the future for any acting job, as they allowed me to learn how to easily dig deep into the text to find meaning and the characters’ motivation.

While on the trip, my best friend Ben celebrated his 16th birthday. During dinner, we surprised him with a dessert that I helped pick out. I was glad that we were able to make his birthday special, as I know it was probably hard to celebrate his 16th birthday so far away from home.

After dinner, we saw Julius Caesar. Despite going into it with a pessimistic mindset, the play ended up being amazing. I think the reason I was so doubtful about it was that I had read the play in class in 9th grade English, and it didn’t have a great effect on me. Though I thought I knew it before, this experience made me truly learn that Shakespeare wasn’t meant to simply be read aloud in an English class. I regret ever having a negative opinion about such an amazing play, one that was brought upon experiencing the play in the wrong way.

DAy 3 travel.jpg

This was how I spent most of my time in Stratford: sitting with a friend outside in the shade with a book. With my phone, I was always confined to the indoors where I could charge it and reduce glare. However, without it, I was able to truly relax and take in the city.  I’m trying to think of my losing of the phone as a blessing.


day 3 travel 2.jpg

As Ben is my best friend, I wanted him to have a great birthday. For this reason, I helped masterfully choose his surprise dessert at the Italian restaurant we ate at the night of his birthday. I just really didn’t want him to be homesick because I know it can be weird to spend a birthday away from family




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