Day 2 Travel Diary: Down Once More (To See Phantom of the Opera)


After waking up in England for the second time, I felt a lot better about being in a different country. I found a breakfast that I really enjoyed at the buffet and would continue to have it for the rest of the trip: a chocolate croissant with a berry sauce. It was really nice to have something consistent throughout the trip, as being in a different country is quite jarring.

After breakfast, we boarded a bus and traveled to Windsor Castle. I’ve always been fascinated with castles, so visiting such a beautiful castle was a breathtaking experience. The moment I stepped through the door, it felt as though I was stepping back in time, as the much of the original furniture was still in the castle. My favorite item in the castle was a piece of artwork: 3 concentric circles of what I assume were real guns all pointed at a golden sculpture of a bear head. I found this extremely interesting to look at because the sheer amount of weapons pointing at a single animal seemed to signify the absolute power of the English royal family.


After visiting the castle, I went with Ivy, Ben, and Kimmy to see my all time favorite musical: Phantom of the Opera. I ordered the tickets a few days early and was incredibly glad I did so. Our seats were fantastic: Front row of the first balcony (known as the “royal circle”). There was not a single moment where I couldn’t see what was going on on stage. Of course, having seen the show 3 times live previously, I didn’t need those seats, however, it was awesome to see my favorite musical from such a great view.


After the show, we had lunch at Byron’s Proper Burger. I had what was easily my favorite thing I ate on the trip: the Kimcheese burger. This was a cheeseburger with Korean barbecue sauce and kimchi. It was very interesting to see what I thought was going to be like any other burger restaurant have a special as exotic as a Korean special.


After dinner, we went back to the hotel and just chilled there. Being still very jetlagged, I simply slept as soon as I got back, only waking up to take my medicine and confirm I was in the room during bed check. A routine of ours that I found Kimmy and I did every night that we weren’t too tired was to have a cup of tea and watch an episode of a show. It was a great way to wind down each night.

Day 2 travel

Simply seeing my favorite musical from a new angle in a theater is enough to convince me to go see it. It’s even better that I got to see it in arguably the best place to see it: the theater in which it originated. I’m glad we got to adjust to the feeling of being in an audience before going to see Shakespeare shows, and there was no better place to do it than my all time favorite show.

day 2 travel 2.jpg

The architecture of the castle was absolutely breathtaking. To see how masterfully they crafted the castle was almost more interesting than seeing what it was like inside. It was truly built fit for a king and queen.



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